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Apple There's a bit of a stink going on - even in major media - about something iOS 4's been doing. Apparently, iOS 4 has been storing a list of locations and timestamps to a hidden, but readable file in a standard database format. The locations are triangulated using cell towers, and generally aren't as accurate as for instance GPS. Still, the file is stored without any form of protection on both your iPhone as well as your desktop.
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Informed Consent SB Required for Tracking
by benali72 on Thu 21st Apr 2011 23:51 UTC
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The issue here is one of "informed consent," a basic legal principle in a free society.

Apple Inc. would have had no problem if they had merely made it clear to users they were doing this. Instead they offer an opaque "privacy policy" that masks what they're really up to.

I often see comments saying "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear." But in this case it should be phrased as "if Apple had nothing to hide, they had nothing to fear" by making this tracking known to their customers.

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I agree on principle... But if you are talking about the solution to this particular problem being informed consent I don't think that quite cuts it.

Apple in effect has software running at all times on you phone which is logging every cell tower you ever communicate with. And the log is kept for at least 10 months, probably longer

Asking if it is ok to do so is nice and all, but my question would be if that is really what they want to do, wtf is it for?

I willing to accept that this is all simply a mistake and their intent is not to do such long term logging. But if that is their intent, they better have a damn good explanation for what they need it for. Simply asking permission before recording a permanent history of my whereabouts in such a manner does not quite do it for me...

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