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Legal A Texas jury has ruled against Google in a suit that alleged some of its use of open-source Linux code amounted to patent infringement, something that could have big implications for other companies using Linux technology and other open-source systems. In the verdict, delivered last week, the jury decided that Google should pay $5 million for the infringement.
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Google is not an 'Open Source' company
by edvim on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 15:15 UTC
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As more of this same kind of news becomes public hopefully the media, including the tech media, will eventually become more savvy and stop referring to Google as an 'Open Source' company. They're not, they use a lot of Open Source software but a lot of the software they offer to the public for free often has proprietary code tied to it.
I'm not picking on Google at all, I think they've made an incredible amount of contributions to the Open Source community but it's hard to find intelligent discussions online when so many people think in terms that don't apply because they've been misled by the media. We've allowed patents to totally screw up innovation and progress in computer technology, and this has built even more division when arguing about Open Source vs. Proprietary.

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I have no idea what your above statement has to do with the Patent Lawsuit discussed in the article. What does this article have to do with OS development vs Proprietary. I don't see the connection you're making. Are you trying to troll or is there something I'm missing here.

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