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Games Ah yes, this was pretty inevitable. Nintendo is facing dropping sales and earnings for another year, and as such, it should come as no surprise that they have just announced the Wii's successor. The Japanese gaming giant will unveil the machine during E3 in June, and the device is scheduled for release in 2012.
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Nintendo does have Originality
by VistaUser on Mon 25th Apr 2011 20:52 UTC
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IT may be called "Mario this" or "Zelda that" and it may continue a franchise of some sort, but look beyond that and you will find creativity that is lacking elsewhere.

Giving something a different name does not make it a new and novel concept - look at all the identikit shooters on other consoles.

(Naming other franchises as proofs of innovation in the sense that they are not franchises seems a bit misguided.)

The Wii is lacking in some departments, but it more than makes up in others and that is why it has been such a stellar seller.

and the unique controller has made a major impact on the gaming industry, for the better.

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but look beyond that and you will find creativity that is lacking elsewhere.

Such as?

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Mario Galaxy for one. The polar geometry take on a platformer and variable gravity make it a pretty incredible, tricky game.

Nintendo are genre artists, and they create their own genres.

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Not a game person but from what I can figure there's precocious little originality in any of the platforms other than graphics and a greater understanding on how to 'nickle and dime'(if only)gamers.

But,apart from Mahjong, chess & the like, its appeal and readiness to fork out £50 on some nonsense much like the nonsense before it is a bit of a mystery to me

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