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Games After days and days of the Playstation Network being offline, Sony has announced it has taken the service down indefinitely. The cause is a lot more severe than previously thought: PSN has been systematically attacked, and personal information of all users has been stolen, possibly including credit card data. Sony is asking PSN users to keep close tabs on their credit card account statements. This has turned from a rather amusing slap on the wrist for Sony into a massive and truly epic security fail that could have tremendous consequences for millions and millions of people the world over.
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Indefinetly? Where did you see that?
by subsider34 on Wed 27th Apr 2011 01:18 UTC
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Sony has announced it has taken the service down indefinitely

The blog post you linked to claims that this is a temporary step, and that they plan to get PSN up and running in the future.

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At a time that has yet to be defined. Thus, indefinitely.

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Sony said in their blog:

expect to restore some services within a week.

That doesn't really translate to me as indefinitely. Granted it doesn't mean all services, but I don't think a blanket statement about the PSN being down indefinitely is warranted.

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