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Multimedia, AV And the fight continues. Only a few months after the desperate move by the MPEG-LA to get anyone - anyone - to submit patents to a possible WebM patent pool, Google and the WebM community have struck back. A whole slew of major companies have formed the WebM Community Cross-License initiative, basically a sort-of Open Invention Network for WebM.
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RE: Two questions about this...
by Carewolf on Wed 27th Apr 2011 08:38 UTC in reply to "Two questions about this..."
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1. There are patents on VP8, Google bought the codec with the patents
2. It predates H264, making it prior art anything MPEG LA might throw at it, and making it equally likely that the VP8 patents apply to H264 as the reverse.
3. Software patents in themselves doesn't make any sense. But if you accept their existence, you need to do is go search for things that doesn't make sense and collect them in pools (apparently).

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Here is a video which details where VP3 came from, which was donated to the and what Ogg Theora is now based on. So I think atleast VP3 should be ok, they obviously added a lot of stuff before they got to VP8.

It also explains a lot of the issues about software patents in this part of the industry.

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