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Apple Apple has responded to the location data thing, and as it turns out, most of us moderate folk were completely right. Apple claims the data isn't sent to Apple, and that the storing of the information is a bug Apple will fix in the coming weeks. Still a very nasty and potentially dangerous bug, but not the massive privacy issue many made it out to be. Also, a new colour iPhone is out, which, if you were to believe the gadget and Apple sites, is yet another Apple revolution.
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The point being that one company shouldn't have all the informations, Fragmented company that have the different piece of info is ok, because the excahnge of data is regulated by the EULA, Apple is becoming one big entity with multiple branch (a la google), and they even got our credit card number. Apple would keep their info for themselves, but can excahnge the info internally.

And remember that google was slapped on the hand for collecting wifi information with their street view car as it was a privacy location. And Apple is getting away with it because it is "crowed sourced" ?

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It's not so much the companies that have the information, it's the global intelligence syndicate, using Echelon to track your every transaction, movement, communication and spoken word.

Heck, Google has even admitted to recording sound from your webcam to give targeted marketing. If that isn't "evil", what is?

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