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Apple Apple has responded to the location data thing, and as it turns out, most of us moderate folk were completely right. Apple claims the data isn't sent to Apple, and that the storing of the information is a bug Apple will fix in the coming weeks. Still a very nasty and potentially dangerous bug, but not the massive privacy issue many made it out to be. Also, a new colour iPhone is out, which, if you were to believe the gadget and Apple sites, is yet another Apple revolution.
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Then there's the likes of Google who not only collect the data but make it indirectly available to anyone who pays them - where are the constant stream of negative articles and comments about them?

Well you are one of the "constant stream of negative articles and comments about them". So... puhlease!..
And I would live to see the logic how an advertiser can get to my personal information. In fact, being an advertiser myself and consulting some big spenders on Google ads, I have not had any info from Google given to me on the individuals that click on my ads.

Yet because this is "Evil Apple" storing YOUR location information on YOUR own device that is backed up to another of YOUR own devices that YOU'RE responsible for securing

Again. It's not the fact that it's on your own device, it's the fact that it's backed up in cleartext. It's not cleaned up when it should. It's not the type of information that should be backed up.
And BTW, isn't it Apple's moto to make computing as easy as possible? So that even 90 y/o people can use it without any issues or worries? Since that is their moto, why aren't you holding them to it?
To be fair to Google, I don't consider them perpetually good. There is only one person that reminds Google of the "Don't Be Evil" - Sergey Brin. If he leaves, I will drop Google right there...

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