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Linux Yeah, it's the day of double-dippin' today. And, the contradiction couldn't be bigger. In one corner we have one of the oldest and most respected distributions, and in the other corner we have the sometimes controversial but immensely popular relative newcomer. Slackware 13.37 and Ubuntu 11.04 have been released.
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RE[6]: Wayland
by tuma324 on Fri 29th Apr 2011 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Wayland"
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Because it does not work with all hardware
Because it is not released at all
Because it have not been tested enough
Because, as it's just barely useful hosting X session, it only add bloat to the current X
Because no toolkit support it correctly
Because support for essential protocols is non-existant even on paper
Because it's years away from being ready
Because Unity can't work with Wayland by design (compiz)

I could come up with some more, but its enough

you're talking out of your ass

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