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Linux "Qubes OS comes from an elegant concept: if you can isolate functional components within disposable containers, and you can separate those components that can be tainted through their interaction with the outside world from the core subsystems, you stand a good chance to preserve the integrity and security of the base Operating System at the possible expense of needing to jump through some hoops to move data around the system. All in all it sounds like a good proposition if it can be demonstrated to be practical." Read the full review.
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Yes but we're talking about protecting users from themselves.

A noble idea, but software can't protect against user ignorance. Once you foolproofed a thingamajig, nature goes and invents a bigger fool.

Education would solve a lot of problems out there, but somehow the belligerent end-user won. Now techies are trying to find ways to let untrained individuals wield tremendous power without causing too much damage. Which is strange, because every other powertool comes with the expectation that anybody wielding it knows how to operate one.

A multipurpose computer simply isn't a toaster and treating it like one will, sooner or later, get you burned.

Not that it ultimately matters. Some belligerent end-user or a brainwashed techie will label me an elitist and the quest for uneducated toaster computing will hurry forward unabashed.

As a aside, maybe uneducated computing will become a reality with true A.I. Then again, the computer may opt to kill the dunce who is trying to give it commands :-)

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