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SuSE, openSUSE Attachmate now owns Novell and therefore, by extension, also owns SUSE and openSUSE. With Oracle currently doing everything in its power to thoroughly destroy what's left of Sun's open source commitments, scepticism abound about the future of SUSE, and more specifically of openSUSE. Attachmate's CEO has answered some questions about the future of SUSE and openSUSE, and as far as words go, it's looking good.
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RE: It's all about management
by twitterfire on Mon 2nd May 2011 15:09 UTC in reply to "It's all about management"
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How can you make money by from making desktop Linux distributions, good Sir?

Red Hat makes money by selling support for their server distro, and if Canonical will ever make a buck, that will be because they followed Red Hat steps and released a server version of their distro.

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