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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this is a bit surprising. Research In Motion, which isn't exactly doing well at this point, has just launched version 7.0 of the BlackBerry OS. Curiously enough, this release has nothing to do with the QNX-based operating system of the PlayBook.
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I personally find this rather annoying. I have an N900 with a resistive screen and one of my friends was like "Guess what I have that you don't? Multi-touch!" But upon questioning him, he couldn't honestly say that he used it for anything other than the pinch-to-zoom feature. I have dedicated buttons for that, or I can make a spiral gesture and do it. When you've just got a screen capacitive multi-touch can be more of a hassle than it's worth.

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as long as my cell phone doesn't have a rotary interface I'm pretty happy with it. People are just spoiled these days...

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Now to create an app to emulate a dialer...

Then I could be both retro & modern ;)

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I use multitouch for getting high scores in fruit ninja. It also prevents weird behaviour when you type too fast, and the single touch intercace tries to resolve two places being touched at once.

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bah...that's what a physical keyboard is for.

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yup, I have a winmo phone with a resistive screen and haven't needed mulitouch for anything. The spiral-to-zoom feature is quite nice actually. Get to zoom in using only one hand. No need to hold phone with one hand while pinching with the other.

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