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Privacy, Security, Encryption " on Monday reported that an online Sony gaming network has once again fallen victim to a cyberattack. This time, the attack may have exposed the credit card numbers of thousands of Sony customers from around the world. According to the report, over 12,700 customer credit card numbers were stolen during a breach of Sony’s online gaming network, Sony Online Entertainment. According to, Sony discovered the possible attack on Sunday."
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Evidence says... Don't Trust Sony
by benali72 on Tue 3rd May 2011 03:14 UTC
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I haven't trusted Sony since they shipped a rootkit with their CDs several years back. They have since verified my lack of trust in them with incidents like this. Too bad. They make fine products otherwise... but security is rather major. I don't buy Sony, period.

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I tend to agree, if Sony had put as much effort into preventing crackers compromising their systems as they have into controlling paying customers maybe they wouldn't be having this problem.

Possibly some of this DRM crap (for example the root kit) even opens new avenues of attack.

However, Sony's behaviour in no way justifies steeling bank account details etc - this is just criminal, I hope these criminals are apprehended, but Sony's management also thinks about its priorities and conduct.

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