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Linux Like Britney Spears, Jeff Johnson did it again and decided to fork rpm once more. Following a week long outage of the main website, he announced on the Mandriva development mailing list the launch of, without giving much explanation. Without more information, some people speculate this was caused by an intrusive merge by a Mandriva coder without discussing beforehand, while some others speak of the heavy criticism due to the migration, which still causing issues after several months.
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I honestly doubt any distro has evolution as a dependency of GNOME. gnome-panel has a dependency on evolution-data-server and e-d-s does not have a dependency on Evolution. It is a generic data store for storing calender info among other things. The name e-d-s is just a historic legacy.

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Ubuntu. Evolution is required for GNOME-core..
Sadly, Debian apears to ahve adopted this madness.

(edit) to clarify:

"It turns out that dependencies in Debian have started following the Ubuntu model; it is now impossible for me to uninstall a lot of software I will never use without breaking the whole system. If I use APT to remove Evolution, it uninstalls the core of GNOME. If the core of GNOME goes away, the reason I installed it goes away too — namely, the bloated GUI replacements for the simple, easy software I used to be able to use from the command line or via scripts to get things done quickly."

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The article you reference seems so trollish that I can't rely on it. can you paste the full output of apt-get remove evolution? I suspect what has happened in this case is that Debian and Ubuntu use meta packages to install evolution and the author of the article is getting confused by it. In any case, this has nothing in particular to do with the packaging format.

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