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Linux Like Britney Spears, Jeff Johnson did it again and decided to fork rpm once more. Following a week long outage of the main website, he announced on the Mandriva development mailing list the launch of, without giving much explanation. Without more information, some people speculate this was caused by an intrusive merge by a Mandriva coder without discussing beforehand, while some others speak of the heavy criticism due to the migration, which still causing issues after several months.
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The article you reference seems so trollish that I can't rely on it. can you paste the full output of apt-get remove evolution? I suspect what has happened in this case is that Debian and Ubuntu use meta packages to install evolution and the author of the article is getting confused by it. In any case, this has nothing in particular to do with the packaging format.

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I am but a simple ready. It would be better taken up with the article's author. For my own and other reader's information at minimum. (Granted, I don't represent the author or website in any way so I'm not saying you should go sign up for an account on my recommendation.)

Still, a well informed counter-point to the author would be very desirable reading.

Now for my own part, since I braught the complain here and need to support the complaint or accept correction (and sorry for how ugly this is probably going to wrap):

$ aptitude search gnome-core
p gnome-core - The GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components
p gnome-core-devel - The GNOME Desktop Environment -- development components

"essential components" to my reading would mean things that the graphic shell can't function without like widgets, window decorations and relevant GTK libraries.

$ aptitude show gnome-core
Package: gnome-core
State: not installed
Version: 1:2.30+7
Priority: optional
Section: gnome
Maintainer: Debian GNOME Maintainers <>
Uncompressed Size: 45.1 k
Depends: desktop-base, dmz-cursor-theme, eog (>= 2.30),
epiphany-browser (>= 2.30) |
gnome-www-browser, evince (>= 2.30), evolution
(>= 2.30), evolution-data-server (>= 2.30),
file-roller (>= 2.30), gedit (>= 2.30),
gnome-about (>= 2.30), gnome-applets (>=
2.30), gnome-control-center (>= 1:2.30),
gnome-disk-utility (>= 2.30), gnome-icon-theme
(>= 2.30), gnome-keyring (>= 2.30),
gnome-menus (>= 2.30), gnome-panel (>= 2.30),
gnome-power-manager (>= 2.30),
gnome-screensaver (>= 2.30), gnome-session (>=
2.30), gnome-settings-daemon (>= 2.30),
gnome-terminal (>= 2.30), gnome-themes (>=
2.30), gnome-user-guide (>= 2.30),
gstreamer0.10-alsa (>= 0.10.29),
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base (>= 0.10.29),
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good (>= 0.10.22),
gtk2-engines (>= 1:2.20), gvfs (>= 1.6),
gvfs-backends (>= 1.6), metacity (>= 1:2.30) |
mutter (>= 2.28), nautilus (>= 2.30),
policykit-1-gnome, totem (>= 2.30), yelp (>=
Suggests: gnome-desktop-environment
Description: The GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components
These are the core components of the GNOME Desktop
environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop.

This package depends on a basic set of programs,
including a file manager, an image viewer, a text
editor, a mail reader, a web browser, a video player
and other tools.

Evolution listed as a dependency. Not a suggested package but a required component..

As a KDE user, I'm not deeply affected by GNOME dependencies but wow would I be pissed if Kontact was suddenly an essential dependency for simply displaying a KDE desktop. My personal concern is where this type of bloated dependencies leads. I just don't want to see Canonical's poor choices adopted by a historically solid distribution like Debian.

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the installed size (tiny) suggests it's a meta-package. it just exists for convenience: you can install gnome-core and get a basic working gnome desktop. You don't have to have gnome-core installed for gnome to work.

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