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Intel Intel has just announced its new line of processors, called Ivy Bridge, which uses a new type of transistor to reach the 22nm production process as well as maintain Moore's Law. They call it the 3D transistor, and in all honesty, this stuff goes way over my head. Even the incredibly cheesy n00b-video from Intel doesn't really make any lightbulbs appear in my head. So...
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RE: Thought Atom is dead
by SReilly on Wed 4th May 2011 22:59 UTC in reply to "Thought Atom is dead"
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AMD where the first to display a 22nm chip in 2008 and have already developed a similar 3D transistor tech called FinFET, they just haven't announced a product using these techs yet. With IBM working on similar stuff and MIPS making a comeback, it looks like ARM have to work hard to retain the embedded crown.

This s**t just got real :-)

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RE[2]: Thought Atom is dead
by viton on Thu 5th May 2011 14:53 in reply to "RE: Thought Atom is dead"
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ARM is not standing still.
1) ARM has already did 20nm test chip.

The company talked about their CP (Common Platform) 20nm SOC test chip based on a Coretex-M0. This core is .2mm x .2mm and contains 8K gates, 20K if you count the entire processor subsystem.

Not for production yet, of course.

2) ARM is a partner of AMD's Global foundries

3) 14nm ARMs is not so far

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RE[2]: Thought Atom is dead
by telns on Fri 6th May 2011 15:58 in reply to "RE: Thought Atom is dead"
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I don't think the main story is that such a transistor was designed, but that they figured out how to mass produce it reliably.

I wish they had a video on that. ;)

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