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Intel Intel has just announced its new line of processors, called Ivy Bridge, which uses a new type of transistor to reach the 22nm production process as well as maintain Moore's Law. They call it the 3D transistor, and in all honesty, this stuff goes way over my head. Even the incredibly cheesy n00b-video from Intel doesn't really make any lightbulbs appear in my head. So...
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RE: Thought Atom is dead
by t3RRa on Thu 5th May 2011 08:28 UTC in reply to "Thought Atom is dead"
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Atom has merit of compatibility while ARM would not run all the Windows applications compiled for x86. I thought that is why Atom was adopted into netbook market so widely in the first place. Developers might release applications in both x86 and ARM in the future but I doubt if all the major companies would do that.

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Or they might just release them in a processor agnostic format that is compiled into a native format, just in time like, say Java/Android psuedo Java/dotNet.

or the os developers may device a format that contains both x86 and arm binaries in the same executable and change the popular development tools to automatically produce them. (Fat binaries, anyone?)

Its not as difficult as it seems.

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