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Microsoft Microsoft has released new details on an experimental operating system concept named Drawbridge. In early March Microsoft researchers presented a paper entitled Rethinking the Library OS from the Top Down. The paper describes a new interaction between a user-level application and its OS. The paper can be found at the ACM Digital Library [frustratingly, we can't redistribute the article since it's behind a paywall, like too much of the scientific world]. It describes an ambitious plan to separate the traditional API parts of an OS from the underlying kernel of the OS. But a full analysis requires some background.
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RE: Been there, done that...
by oiaohm on Thu 5th May 2011 14:57 UTC in reply to "Been there, done that..."
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All of this looks to be a copy of chroot() and winebottler from unix systems...
MS playing catch-up and trying to market it as something new, as always.

chroot is flawed.

Zones Containers and Jails. Are the latter techs. Some people think these are mainframe pre Unix. Infact they are after Unix.

Pre Unix was the precursor to virtualization.

But yes. Been done for years in the Unix world. Only thing anywhere near exciting is that it up into graphical.

DRI2 Wayland alterations allow same kind of features with Unix based containment. Virtual interfaces for sound from cgroups from linux, Jails from bsd and Zones from solaris already exist.

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