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SuSE, openSUSE The first major effect of Attachmate buying Novell (and thus, SUSE) has come into, uh, effect. Novell, of course, is the birth place of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. Reports indicate Mono developers have been fired as part of the streamlining process, but according to Attachmate's CEO, they weren't fired because of Mono.
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RE: Mono
by pantheraleo on Thu 5th May 2011 18:17 UTC in reply to "Mono"
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Of course they only want Mono as a crippled implementation of .Net. Always one or two major revisions behind, missing important pieces etc. Then Microsoft is ahead and the rest of the world is playing catch-up. Guess what platform will people use for serious work with .Net.

That's the strategy they have been using up until now, yes. but it really hasn't worked out very well. Because what is actually going on, is people are just avoiding .NET and using Java instead. Java is around twice as popular in the enterprise world right now as .NET. And Java is actually gaining market-share, where as .NET has lost some market-share over the last two years. Of course, the high cost of entry to .NET doesn't help either (Windows server license costs, Visual Studio, which runs around $4,000 per developer for a version that has all the capabilities that a $599 Java IDE has, etc).

Of course, it may not matter what Microsoft does from this point on, when it comes to enterprise software development. That ship may have already sailed with Java having too much of a dominant position already, and companies already too invested in their Java platforms to switch to .NET now.

There are a lot of companies using .NET of course, but compared to Java, .NET's market-share is fairly small. If .NET wants any chance at all of catching Java, they are going to have to have an up to date implementation for Linux that is 100% compliant with the Windows implementation, is officially supported, and releases in parallel with the Windows version. Yes, as one other commenter pointed out, Microsoft probably should hire the now out of work Mono developers to produce an official port of .NET for Linux.

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