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Games There's fail, there's epic fail, and then there's Sony. You may've thought it wasn't possible, but Sony has just outdone itself on the fail scale, forcing us to add yet another notch. During the congressional testimony this morning, Dr Gene Spafford of Purdue University revealed just how badly Sony managed its Playstation Network servers. It's... Bad.
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THIS is where the GNU hits the fan!
by kaelodest on Fri 6th May 2011 01:55 UTC
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Completely OFF Topic, but -What if I didn't write code?- and my commoditized data time(Work?) was data and raw data. This is what we as information servicers _Do_ Well if this is the case and I see an error in the system, something that is morally and ethically wrong isn't it my right -Hell My Duty to report this. Isn't it? When I code I report bugs? Why isn't that same rule applied for accounting and practices? I mean in "Law" it is by the Sarbanes/Oxcley act, but in the world of Multinational and Transnational corporations what is "Law".
I believe that many of the Ideals of this Computer Science Mindset have leaked into the common culture. I feel what I feel for Free & Open Source Software, BUT, what does Janice in accounting or Lester in Travel think about it. What do they do when faced with Market Realities of User Data Being Fully transparent to Widescale and Massive, Pervasive Damaging breach of trust, and not just on our accounts but also our kids accounts-dammit! This is redonkey-dickulonqulous -=-But what happens if Wikileaks publishes a branch on some of the dirt that is getting done by these Transnational and Multinational corps.? What press? not even silenceā€¦
If information wants to be known then it is our duty to share it.

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Completely OFF Topic,


Particularly when you cite GNU yet the article isn't even about GNU software (Apache != GNU), so your tenuous link isn't even relevant.

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