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Games There's fail, there's epic fail, and then there's Sony. You may've thought it wasn't possible, but Sony has just outdone itself on the fail scale, forcing us to add yet another notch. During the congressional testimony this morning, Dr Gene Spafford of Purdue University revealed just how badly Sony managed its Playstation Network servers. It's... Bad.
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RE[8]: Poor analogy
by apoclypse on Fri 6th May 2011 16:19 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Poor analogy"
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While I think rape is a strong word, your analogy is basically saying that as a woman you want the criminals to take advantage of you, if you happen to have short skirts, pouty lips, and bat your eyelashes. Which IMO is quite offensive. It was a statement that made absolutely no sense in this context and what you said associated with "criminals" could in-fact be misconstrued as rape, because what other criminal would care about a woman who was batting their eyelashes, hiking up their skirts and pouting their lips? Someone who was only interested in thievery would be looking at how expensive her earrings were, or what purse she had, not how short her skirt was. I would like to add that just because a woman did in-fact hike up her skirt, pouted her lips and batted her eyelashes that "she was asking for it" which is what you are insinuating. If that were the case woman would have "criminals" very interested in them everytime they went to a club, or a nice restaurant. Apparently they are "asking for it" there too.

Now, had you said "this is tantamount to someone with a million dollars walking down the street with a transparent briefcase in a bad part of town", then that would have made more sense. Instead you said some sensationalist crap with no real logic behind it and then got offended when people misconstrue what is clearly in the subtext of your statement. Please remove from article it doesn't add anything to the conversation and it was just stupid IMO.

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