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Linux Only a few weeks after Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's biggest change ever - the release of the Unity-based Ubuntu 11.04 Linux - the company's CTO, Matt Zimmerman is leaving the company.
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Saw the Writing on the Wall?
by pantheraleo on Sun 8th May 2011 23:49 UTC
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He probably saw the writing on the wall. If Ubuntu continues on their current path, I think they are going to fail as a business.

The only reason they have survived this long is because their founder is independently very wealthy and has been able to bankroll the project and cover its losses.

Granted, Ubuntu is very popular on the desktop. But home desktop users and geeks are not where you make your money. Where you make your money is from selling support contracts and consulting services to enterprise customers. And when it comes to that market, I don't think Ubuntu is really even a relevant player yet. Red Hat pretty much has a firm position of dominance in that market right now.

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RE: Saw the Writing on the Wall?
by Elv13 on Mon 9th May 2011 03:45 in reply to "Saw the Writing on the Wall?"
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They have a foothold in cloud and some corporate Desktop. Ubuntu Server edition is a joke, I don't think they will ever make money on that. A Debian is better and more stable. They are trying to get into low cost hardware too. I think the Motorola Atrix run some kind of dumbed down proprietary Ubuntu. They totally destroyed the product, but it prove it can work on those Arm gadjets.

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Why do you say this. Ubuntu server has seen very good growth and is growing more and more popular.

"Saw the writing the wall"..?
The opposite is true. Ubuntu is signing a lot of corporate clients and bringing a lot of new features and options for home user as well.

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