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Apple The Apple/ARM rumor du jour is that Apple will transition its entire portable Mac line to ARM-based CPUs, dropping Intel altogether. Sources speaking to Semi Accurate claim this is a "done deal," and the move should happen by 2013, when a 64-bit ARM A15 core becomes available. While a future generation of Apple's A5 processor could make some sense for something akin to the MacBook Air, the claim that Apple will ditch Intel wholesale for ARM just doesn't add up.
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RE: Unsurprising
by chmeee on Mon 9th May 2011 12:20 UTC in reply to "Unsurprising"
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They have now used x86 longer than either 68K or PPC, so you could argue that they are overdue by now.

Tiny nit - They used PPC from 1994 until 2005, that's 11 years. They've had x86 from 2006 until today, only 5 years. If you mean exclusively PPC, That was starting with MacOS8.5, released in 2007, so even then it's 8 years. Oh, and 68k they used for the 10 years prior to PPC.

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