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Google It was inevitable, of course, and rightfully so: Google is having its big I/O conference, so we have to talk about the lack of Honeycomb's source code. While not violating any licenses, the lack of source code doesn't sit well with many - including myself - so it only makes sense people are asking Google about it. Andy Rubin confirmed we're never going to see Honeycomb's sources as a standalone release. He also explained what 'open' means for Android.
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RE[4]: Comment by shmerl
by WereCatf on Thu 12th May 2011 14:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by shmerl"
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"You're banned forever from now on.

I don't tend to agree with mrhasbean's comments, and I can understand your frustration at being accused of bias, but it's a shame if you think it's necessary to ban.

I personally see mrhasbean as a damn troll, but even I disagree with banning him. I am probably a little too lenient with people, it takes a lot for me to even kick someone off temporarily and a whole lot more for me to ban someone.

And well, he did do some good, too: even though he tries to troll and berate Google, Thom etc. he mostly just manages to instead incite people shooting down his arguments and posts and thus giving lots of useful reading for people, especially people who do not frequent OSNews that much or don't know enough about the topic at hand. To say it in an other way: he posts negative comments, but that just generates more often than not lots of insightful, positive comments and thus the end result is just good, not bad.

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