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In the News What about a little Nixonian intrigue? A respected public relations firm has been caught executing a secret smear campaign against Google to large media outlets, trying to make Google looks bad (or worse, depending on your point of view). Who hired this firm to do this? You'd think Microsoft or Apple, it's right up their alley - but no, it's actually Facebook.
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"Car makers consider reverse engineering and blatant copying to be perfectly legitimate tactics as long as IP isn't directly infringed."

hence why car manufacturers design specialty tools and attack third party mechanics and auto entusiasts (car hackers) for trying to reverse engineer and understand car computer codes.

"Why yes sir, we understand that you have 30 years of professional experience reparing automobiles but we can't allow you the ODB information and tools to properly assess and repair our recent models because you haven't paid us the exorbitant fee for that privaledge. Why yes, we understand that you are a small town mechanic and that we could instead negotiate a more reasonable fee with you however that wouldn't force car owners back into our dealerships for support. We can't allow that sort of competition to return to the market."

ha.. yeah.. car manufacturers are the apidomy of fair market competition.. sure thing..

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