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In the News What about a little Nixonian intrigue? A respected public relations firm has been caught executing a secret smear campaign against Google to large media outlets, trying to make Google looks bad (or worse, depending on your point of view). Who hired this firm to do this? You'd think Microsoft or Apple, it's right up their alley - but no, it's actually Facebook.
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Sorry, but I don't buy the "smear" title
by tomcat on Fri 13th May 2011 19:15 UTC
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Yeah, what Facebook did may seem a little slimey but, frankly, it's not as if Google is lily-white here. Google has more than earned its reputation as a privacy-violating company. They tend to push tech out without considering privacy implications -- and it's only when they get called on the carpet by authorities that they backpedal. Facebook has faced similar criticism. It's time to stop looking at either company as anything other than a profit engine. They simply don't give a damn about your privacy, if it interferes with that profit engine.

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