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General Development Application stores are growing everywhere like mushrooms. While users have initially embraced application stores because of the ease they offer with application installation, developers have several complaints. Division of profits from paid application and ineffectiveness of the screening process are among the major issues. Are application stores the best distribution channel possible? Can they satisfy both developers and users?
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Actually he/they were. Except he/they decided not to be evil and to make it free. And it was called a Linux distro.
Evilness = success. Thanks for the tip, although I knew that one already.

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Forget about evilness — it is real life, not a comic book.

If your success was to get karma then, well, you can make it free and earn respect. But do not whine when you are not getting valuables in return.
If your success was to make a profit you focus on very different things. AppStore owners ain't exactly charities, are they?

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