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Editorial In the past 10 years VMware has executed a remarkable strategy to topple enterprise software incumbents and emerge as an ecosystem kingpin. More recently, the company has plunged head first into cloud computing from infrastructure to applications. Time and again, it seems as though VMware is beating Microsoft at its own game. But a look deeper reveals that is no surprise.
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Just being pedantic here.
by Alfman on Mon 16th May 2011 14:16 UTC
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"VMware Is The New Microsoft, Just Without an OS"

Is the author unaware of VMWare ESX? Sure, it's used differently than *nix or windows, but it is still an operating system.

It takes over from the bios, initializes devices, manages resources, and delegates them. The main difference is that it's "userland" APIs are designed to closely mimic hardware rather than provide abstractions.

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