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Editorial In the past 10 years VMware has executed a remarkable strategy to topple enterprise software incumbents and emerge as an ecosystem kingpin. More recently, the company has plunged head first into cloud computing from infrastructure to applications. Time and again, it seems as though VMware is beating Microsoft at its own game. But a look deeper reveals that is no surprise.
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The article has a bit of false logic
by polaris20 on Mon 16th May 2011 14:56 UTC
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Just because there are ex-Microsoft employees doesn't remotely mean they're the next Microsoft.

Additionally, VMWare's licensing terms are a lot more reasonable in many aspects than Microsoft's are, and are much more small/medium business friendly (see vSphere Essentials licensing terms).

I still may need Windows Server though, since VMWare can't remotely replace the services I use under that platform, any more than it can replace Linux either. I have both platforms sitting on my network, spread over several ESX boxes, all managed from a central, remote-friendly console.

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VMWare's licensing terms are a lot more reasonable in many aspects than Microsoft's are

Except the clauses that says you can't publish benchmarks that are negative for vmware. Or did they remove those again?

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Journalistic license. Used in sports all the time. The next Michael Jordan, the next Gretsky, the next Hank Arron, the next Ronaldo. Rule of thumb: if you are the next anyone, you're not.

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