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Linux How can you run a full range of current applications on older computers, netbooks, thin clients, and mobile devices? One way is to install a lightweight Linux like Puppy, Lubuntu, or Vector Light. Select the distro with the apps that meets your needs while matching your computer's resources.
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hi ozenhole

in the lucid puppy package manager, there is the ability to turn on access to the ubuntu repos. Then when you click on an ubuntu package, you get the option to 'examine dependencies'. Clicking this, resolves and allows you to install all dependencies for the chosen app automatically.
I've had a lot of success at installing ubuntu packages in puppy, you need to remember though that puppy is puppy, and not ubuntu, not every ubuntu package will work without a bit of tweaking, and more complex stuff, like the entire gnome desktop will always be problematic! It's amazing how many people try to do this and then moan when it doesn't work. However as a feature, it opens up a whole new world for puppy, and is a huge step forward from the puppy 4 series.
The new puppy being developed will be slackware based, and will have access to the slackware repo's.
I think that having an operating system, that has access to another operating systems repo's is a pretty cool thing.

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