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Linux How can you run a full range of current applications on older computers, netbooks, thin clients, and mobile devices? One way is to install a lightweight Linux like Puppy, Lubuntu, or Vector Light. Select the distro with the apps that meets your needs while matching your computer's resources.
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Great for old PCs indeed - Even a P-233
by rhomboid on Wed 18th May 2011 00:09 UTC
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I was very surprised how well it runs on my old Micron Transport Trek 233 with 64MB of RAM. I'd even call it a "useable" computer again, albeit for simple tasks. I used it for a few months in my back room as a print server for an old parallel LaserJet and light tasks like checking my Gmail and remoting to other boxes while I was working in there. Not only did it run impressively smooth but it also was very pretty even on that old, dim LCD.

Good, informative post as well. More like this and fewer "why I hate" rant posts (contrasted with this waste of anyone's time: +1.

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