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Mono Project Two weeks ago we covered the news that the Mono development team were let go kicked out by the new owners of Novel, Attachmate, apparently to move operations to Germany. Miguel de Icazza, founder of Mono, has taken this opportunity to break off on his own and has started a new company, Xamarin, to bring commercial .NET development products to iOS and Android.
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RE[6]: Comment by Morin
by Slambert666 on Wed 18th May 2011 11:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Morin"
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So how long I as a Troll...


The trolls say two things:

1. .NET is a copy (of Java) and is not special in any way.

2. .NET is unique and there are patents that are ONLY covering re-implementations of .NET technology (mono).

You are obviously a type two troll, so please enlighten me what is it that is so special about ADO.NET technology that only the mono project can possibly hope to implement this (advanced) technology (presumably covered with MS patents (only)) ...

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