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Mono Project Two weeks ago we covered the news that the Mono development team were let go kicked out by the new owners of Novel, Attachmate, apparently to move operations to Germany. Miguel de Icazza, founder of Mono, has taken this opportunity to break off on his own and has started a new company, Xamarin, to bring commercial .NET development products to iOS and Android.
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RE[7]: Comment by Morin
by lucas_maximus on Wed 18th May 2011 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Morin"
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Sounds like you are trying to use Eclipse like VS.
VS is a great tool, for working the Microsoft way. PERIOD. And that is how in the .NET land think, for most part. (There is little wrong with that, until they start preaching...)

Touche ..

I actually come from a Java background and moved to .NET, so I actually used Eclipse first. My main point was that C# and Java while very similar languages ... are not the same.

Yet, finding free libraries for Java? Are you (I'm really out of words here). As libraries and frameworks go, F/OSS or proprietary, Java is #1. The problem is not finding, it's choosing.

I do, it all very geared towards people that develop on Unix, GitHub, SourceForge etc ... Most .NET stuff that is worth using is on Codeplex, and with NuGet it a piece of piss to get hold of it and import it into your project.

I have a lot of respect towards VS and the work that MS has put into dev tools, but you are overdoing it.

Maybe I am, but whenever I go back to writing code in Java, it feels primitive in comparison. Eclipse is good but things like code completion etc. is far better on VS2010.

There is a lot of MS bashing on this site by people who IMO don't really know a whole lot about dev work. So I do tend to be a bit defensive.

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