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Privacy, Security, Encryption Sony just restarted its Playstation Network, after the massive security fail dismissed as a 'hiccup' by Sony CEO Howard Stringer. Well, the PSN has barely been up two days, and a massive security oversight has already been discovered. Yes, Sony just got Sony'd. Again. Unbelievable.
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RE: Seriously though
by orestes on Wed 18th May 2011 15:52 UTC in reply to "Seriously though"
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Sad thing is, it's not just Sony. A lot of the corporate world puts impact on profit above doing things properly.

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One should always remember that a for-profit corporation is in the business of producing profits and whatever product they happen to make is simply a tool used in the profit manufacturing process.

Microsoft manufacture's profit; they happen to use software in the production process.

Sony manufacture's profit; they happen to use moving pictures and game consoles in the process.

I think it's actualy an obligation within corporate law that when a decision comes down to benefiting the shareholder or benefiting the customer, they must choose to benefit the shareholder at the expense of the customer benfit.

As such, they'll fight tooth and nail over something that directly impacts the current management's short term performance goals but something that directly impacts the customers.. fk them; they're just wallets that have already been harvested.

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Sorry, this is wierd logic. Any company that wants to be relevant will examine their market and treat their customers well. Otherwise they deserve to fail and be replaced by another entity which does it better and friendlier.

Stupidity like this propagates when companies are deemed "too big to fail" and when smaller business contenders are frankly killed because of artificial barriers that exist due to excessive regulation, stupid tax codes, confusing legal codes, patent corruption, etc. Basically the enemies to the free market.

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