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Games Now that the Playstation Network is back online, the great downplaying by Sony has begun. Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been making the rounds in the media world, talking about the massive security fail, and in his eyes, it's not that big of a deal. He calls it a 'hiccup', something that happens to all large networks.
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No, no system is 100% secure unless turned off, encased in concrete and burried somewhere the depth where the earth's crust solidifies.

However, knowingly running an outdated and unpatched version of the web server software? Really?

Sensative data stored unencrypted? Really?

You where shocked when a criminal broke in through vulnerable software you neglected to maintain? Really?

Come on Sony; you didn't even put in the minimum effort required to responsibly store user data. That's what makes this a big deal. If this was crossing the street, you didn't wait for the light or even bother to look both ways before stepping out into blatantly obvious traffic.

Here's a fun thought; maybe in the future, you protect your customer's personal information with even a modicom of the zeal you direct at things like court actions against your own customer base. Try that and next time you have a security breach, we'll be a little more understanding. Maybe give your IT folks the same kind of budget you give your lawyers; just for kicks.

The issue is not that you had a breach.. it's that you had a forseeable breach which could have easily been mitigated.

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