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Games Now that the Playstation Network is back online, the great downplaying by Sony has begun. Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been making the rounds in the media world, talking about the massive security fail, and in his eyes, it's not that big of a deal. He calls it a 'hiccup', something that happens to all large networks.
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Out of date Apache?
by atari05 on Thu 19th May 2011 04:55 UTC
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I thought the whole "old version of apache" thing was debunked?

At any rate, Yeah you don't call it a hiccup. Sure, they aren't the only one out there with less than stellar network security and I'm sure if a concentrated attacked where to happen they would go down just as easy as PSN (the sad part is I'm talking even that of financial institutions) but to down play it to that of a blip....truely silly.

Maybe it is time for that CEO change to happen?

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