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Red Hat "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 is now available. Enhancements provide improvements in system reliability, scalability and performance, coupled with support for upcoming system hardware. This release also delivers patches and security updates, while maintaining application compatibility and OEM/ISV certifications."
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RedHat is silly ... they try to compete with OUL which is just a rebuild of RHEL, like CentOS or Scientific Linux.

Its like Renault would compete against Dacia ... (for thom who does not get it: Renault owns Dacia)

I am now not so surprised why they employ 'visioners' like Poettering ...

Red Hat probably defines "competitors" to be companies that can interfere with customers paying Red Hat money by convincing those customers to pay those other companies instead. That seems pretty sensible.

Competitors are those that "compete" with you for customer dollars. Customers only have so many dollars and so many needs. Somebody that takes those dollars to meet a need, that you could meet, is your competitor.

Suggesting that companies that offer identical technology are not competitors does seem pretty silly. That seems to be what you are doing.

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