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Apple Mac sales in the enterprise during Apple's last fiscal quarter grew a whopping 66 percent, significantly outpacing the rest of the PC market, which grew just 4.5 percent in the enterprise. The data from Apple's previous fiscal quarter was highlighted on Friday by analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company. He said though he originally viewed success in the enterprise as a "one-quarter blip," it now appears to be a "durable platform" for Apple.
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I use them, but they are quite crippled:

- No ATL
- No MFC
- No ALM tools
- No 64bit compilers (you can get them on the free SDK though)
- No Sourcesafe
- No optimizing compilers
- No VS Plugins
- ...

But you can go a long way with the Express editons + Windows SDK.

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I was with you until "No sourcesafe" - that's a GOOD thing.

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