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Apple I have personally tried to pretty much let the whole MAC Defender trojan thing pass by, since we're not a security website. However, we have an interesting turn of events this week. An article over at Ars Technica quotes several anonymous Apple Store employees as saying that the infection rate of Macs brought into the Apple store has gone up considerably. More interestingly though, Apple's official policy states that Apple Store employees are not allowed to talk about infections to anyone - they're not even allowed to inform Mac owners if they find the infection without the customer's knowledge. Another interesting tidbit: Apple mandates the use of Norton Antivirus on company Macs, according to one Apple Store genius.
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Except as we have seen Apple IS evil, as they have thrown out apps that would compete with apple apps or would allow freedoms like the GPL even if they are free. Would you like to have a computer that only MSFT approved software is allowed to install and run? How about a server where nothing runs without Oracle's blessings? Does not sound to appealing to me.

Oh and for the one that said "If you give out your unix password you deserve what you get" you DO realize that is currently the way the vast majority of Windows machines are infected, right? Social engineering getting the user to approve an elevation to UAC, no different than getting an Ubuntu user to run Sudo or this bug here for Macs. i guess you can't complain about Windows security if it is all the users fault huh?

In the end it isn't about the bug, it is about the p#ss poor way Apple is dealing with it. Instead of basically giving the finger to those that shelled out the "Apple tax" for their illusions that Macs were somehow better or immune to malware they should have done like MSFT and released something like Malicious Software Removal Tool to get rid of it. Instead they are just leaving their users hanging in the breeze. Considering how much more you have to pay for Apple PLUS how much you have to pay for Applecare if I was a Mac user that got burned I'd be looking at a Windows 7 machine right now. After all, if you are gonna pay all that money and get NO help at all, why not buy a more powerful Windows machine for less?

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