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Games "Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed to Gamasutra that the previously revealed Android version of its PC indie hit will be arriving on Sony Ericsson's PlayStation-certified Xperia Play before other phones. The Xperia Play version of Minecraft will feature customized controls for the system's PlayStation-styled slide-out buttons, the company said. Mojang is also developing versions of the title for iOS and other Android phones, and said the smartphone versions of the game will be tweaked slightly to deal with the vagaries of the new platform." And we have video. I'll be buying an iPad 2 soon, and with that thing getting Minecraft... I fear for my life.
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I had some hope for the Adam, but as it stands now all tablets are utterly useless.

I tried a few and I always go back to using my tiny EeePC with a custom really fast Linux install that handles _THE_WHOLE_WEB_ without limitations (there is no Netflix where I live)

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"...All tablets are utterly useless for my uses."

There, fixed that for ya. Troll much?

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