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Games "Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed to Gamasutra that the previously revealed Android version of its PC indie hit will be arriving on Sony Ericsson's PlayStation-certified Xperia Play before other phones. The Xperia Play version of Minecraft will feature customized controls for the system's PlayStation-styled slide-out buttons, the company said. Mojang is also developing versions of the title for iOS and other Android phones, and said the smartphone versions of the game will be tweaked slightly to deal with the vagaries of the new platform." And we have video. I'll be buying an iPad 2 soon, and with that thing getting Minecraft... I fear for my life.
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Thom buying an iPad 2
by henderson101 on Thu 26th May 2011 09:02 UTC
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Thom - if you're really getting one - cool. I got mine on launch. I've had nothing buy joy from it ;-) People love to hate Apple, but it's a good device. I create music on it, I edit movies on it, I blog, I draw, I read (lots and lots of Manga and Comic books - really not suited to eInk devices) and I read PDF's full screen. The email client is good, could be better, but way more usable than the iPhone one. The speed is awesome. I have 3G and it works really well (£7.50 per month for 1GB and I find I only use it when I'm caught out, as at work and home I have WiFi.)

The file sharing is pretty good. It's not a perfect as having a real file system, but it does work out awesomely: example, I was at a client's site, and one of our contractors off-site needed a document urgently to provide an estimate for the meeting I was about to attend. I didn't have access to it, but I knew the client I was sitting with had a copy (as they had created it), so I got them to email it to me, I then put the files directly on to the Dropbox shared folder we use to distribute files to our contractors. All in all, 1 minute. All over 3G! If ever I needed a reason to love my iPad, it was that moment.

I recently installed iCab Mobile, which has a download manager. I can now grab any file from the web and so long as an app on the iPad can open it, I can do something with it.

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