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Mac OS X Well, it took them long enough. Apple has finally acknowledged the existence of the MAC Defender trojan, and has offered removal instructions. The company has also promised a security update to Mac OS X that will block MAC Defender and its variants from working. All this information was published in the form of a support document on Apple's website. Update: Well, that was fast. A new variant of the trojan, called Mac Guard, has been discovered. Unlike previous variants, this one does not require users to enter their administrative password.
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by pantheraleo on Thu 26th May 2011 14:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Drumhellar"
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Also, this is becoming a pretty consistent pattern. Some issue comes up having to do with Apple (antenna problems, location problems, malware problems). The technical press goes berserk, claims Apple is denying/covering up/sky is falling the issue. About a week later Apple puts out an announcement that deals with the issue.

That's right. Be a good little Apple sheep and defend their actions past all point or reason. Steve Jobs has you trained well. Good boy.

You seem to forget that for a long time, Apple DID deny there was an antenna problem with the iPhone 4. In fact, to this day they have never admitted that there is a problem. Only that some customers may experience problems because of the way they hold the phone, etc. They basically provided the bumper case fix without ever admitting a problem. They were still blaming the user for holding the phone wrong. But it doesn't stop there:

* Apple denied that the early MacBook Pros had cooling problems. Then quietly released a firmware update later on that was supposed to address the issue.

* Apple denied the "hissing / whining" noise problem when the CPU was idle on early MacBook Pros. But eventually offered main-board replacements for those customers that were affected.

* Apple denied that the new 27 inch iMacs had screen problems, then released several firmware updates that were supposed to resolve the problem, but did not for many people.

* Apple claimed that the "yellow tint" problem on the iMacs was not a defect because color variations in LCD screens were normal and acceptable. Uh, sorry. But to graphics designer? No, they are not. And given graphics design has been a Mac stronghold, that was incredibly lame for them to even try to convince customers of that one.

* Apple never admitted that the Mighty Mouse had a design problem that caused the scroll ball to stop scrolling in one or more directions after just a couple of months of use. Even though there are thousands of reports on the Internet from users complaining about this problem.

Lets be honest here. Apple really does have a history of denying problems, even when they are obvious. Only to finally cave to pressure and address them after getting really bad press, and sometimes even class action lawsuits started against them.

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