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Mac OS X Well, it took them long enough. Apple has finally acknowledged the existence of the MAC Defender trojan, and has offered removal instructions. The company has also promised a security update to Mac OS X that will block MAC Defender and its variants from working. All this information was published in the form of a support document on Apple's website. Update: Well, that was fast. A new variant of the trojan, called Mac Guard, has been discovered. Unlike previous variants, this one does not require users to enter their administrative password.
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RE: How is this Apple's problem?
by pantheraleo on Thu 26th May 2011 14:10 UTC in reply to "How is this Apple's problem?"
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If people are silly enough to download and run trojans, why is it Apple's responsibility to fix the damage that occurs?

Most computer problems are caused by users screwing up their own systems. If "user screwed it up. So we don't have to support it" is the end-all of tech support, than computer companies might as well not even provide it.

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polaris20 Member since:

Where do you draw the line though? I've seen users cause plenty of stupid problems not even related to hardware or malware. Is the distributor of the OS responsible for that too? What is worthy of their time and effort?

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pantheraleo Member since:

Where do you draw the line though?

I'm not sure where you draw the line. But I do know you better draw the line at least as high as your competitors. Microsoft, and most OEM PC vendors provide support for virus and malware removal. Apple better do the same if they want to remain competitive.

And as I said, when it came to integrating our Macs at work with Active Directory, Microsoft was more helpful than Apple was, even though Microsoft has no obligation at all to support Macs since they have nothing at all to do with Mac's Active Directory integration.

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