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Mac OS X Well, it took them long enough. Apple has finally acknowledged the existence of the MAC Defender trojan, and has offered removal instructions. The company has also promised a security update to Mac OS X that will block MAC Defender and its variants from working. All this information was published in the form of a support document on Apple's website. Update: Well, that was fast. A new variant of the trojan, called Mac Guard, has been discovered. Unlike previous variants, this one does not require users to enter their administrative password.
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RE[7]: Finally
by pantheraleo on Thu 26th May 2011 15:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Finally"
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If you're not happy with Apple's service, I would suggest you either stop buying their products

We already have. We no longer allow Macs in our company at all.

Apple is a special case. It really is. And this incident and the leaked internal documents only prove it. Apple is more concerned about having their lawyers tell their support reps exactly what to say, what not to say, what they can help customers with, what they cannot, etc., then then they are about actually solving the customer's problem.

Here's an idea for Apple that would go a long way towards improving their support experience. Instead of immediately denying there is problem, they could try something like "We are aware there might be an issue and have received reports of it. We are looking into it and trying to gather more information about it before we recommend a solution."

I'd much rather deal with a company that tells me the truth, even if the truth is "we don't know right now" than deal with a company that flat out lies to me and claims there is no problem, when in fact, they know damn well that there is a problem.

The problem is that the lawyers have to much control at Apple.

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RE[8]: Finally
by polaris20 on Thu 26th May 2011 16:18 in reply to "RE[7]: Finally"
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If I may ask, how many Macs did you have, and how many PC's overall do you manage?

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RE[9]: Finally
by pantheraleo on Thu 26th May 2011 17:06 in reply to "RE[8]: Finally"
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If I may ask, how many Macs did you have, and how many PC's overall do you manage?

Around 7,000 PCs. We had around 500 Macs.

I would add that problems with AppleCare were not the main reason we no longer have any Macs. The main reason was because Apple just wasn't very willing to work with Enterprise customers at the time (although I've heard they have gotten better about it. At that time though, they just weren't taking enterprise customers seriously). Both HP and Lenovo (our primary PC vendors) would preload our custom desktop images for us. Apple required a minimum order of 6,000 systems before they would be willing to pre-load our custom image for us.

The other issue we had with Apple is that whenever a new version of OS X came out, they would not allow us to order systems with the old version anymore. So, for example, as soon as Leopard was released, it was impossible for us to order systems with Tiger from Apple anymore. And that created major problems for us since some of our software had compatibility issues with Leopard at the time.

As you probably know, businesses are usually behind the curve when it comes to switching to new versions of software. Hell, a lot of our systems still run Windows XP Professional. Apple's unwillingness to work with our business needs is the main reason we stopped using them as a vendor.

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