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Fedora Core "After months of development, Fedora 15, codenamed "Lovelock" has finally been released today." Highlights of this release include restart-free firewall configuration, a switch to Gnome 3, LibreOffice, PowerTOP 2.x and systemd, "Consistent Network Device Naming", and... Rupee symbol support for Indian users.
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RE[2]: That's it...
by Jason Bourne on Thu 26th May 2011 19:57 UTC in reply to "RE: That's it..."
Jason Bourne
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My friend... the GNOME 3 fallback mode is nothing comparable, flexible and adjustable as GNOME 2 was. I dare you living with fallback mode more than 1 week. Plus more annoying stuff: No themes? Do I still need to add 5 repositories to get my usual multimedia codecs, by hand? Sorry. The installation got even uglier in F15... so many mistranslated portuguese entries - and many not translated at all in Anaconda. Disappointment. Fedora 14 was stable for sure - but in F15 now, I managed even to break GNOME 3 ! Yes ! It wouldn't log on after switching to KDE a few sessions! Fedora will pay for this. This time they will pay hard. I'm really sorry. GNOME 3 is the end of the road for me, and it ended a 6 month relationship with Fedora and disonoured a couple of RedHat years I had back in 1999.

I am running Linux Mint 11 Live DVD. I am surprised it has all codecs support and sane default applications even for a Live DVD! It's sad that it can inherit Ubuntu upstream bugs, but I will cross my fingers on this one, knowing that they may be planning not to be based on Ubuntu any longer for the next release.

I can clearly see why Mint is running for the number one on the linux podium.

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