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Microsoft It turns out that a lot of people haven't been paying attention. Over the weekend, a story about how Microsoft is earning more from HTC's Android devices than from its own Windows Phone 7 sales spread all across the web, with surprised reactions everywhere. Anyone who has been paying attention to Microsoft's recent patent trolling regarding Android could've seen this coming.
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RE[2]: SAD
by viator on Mon 30th May 2011 02:29 UTC in reply to "RE: SAD"
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No no real verifiable data but im sure we will find out one way or another each time this happens. Its kind of like mobile phone service i know for a fact AT&T was caught spying (warrantless) on consumers. I dont know for a fact which other providers spy but why would pay some one to spy on me? So i cant use at&t for mobile phone service and have to hope the others arent untill i find out. ;)

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RE[3]: SAD
by Claxus on Mon 30th May 2011 03:41 in reply to "RE[2]: SAD"
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Well that's fair. Your not guilty until proven so.
My wife just bought an HTC on my recommendation, which is why I paid extra attention to this article.
But we'll just have to continue to be good consumers according to our best knowledge ...

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