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Linux Well this makes a change. Linus Torvalds has announced that the next version of the Linux Kernel release is to be '3.0'. "I decided to just bite the bullet, and call the next version 3.0. It will get released close enough to the 20-year mark, which is excuse enough for me, although honestly, the real reason is just that I can no longer comfortably count as high as 40."
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It will have a nonzero probability of reaching 42

Sure you can reach that score. Just copy another funny comment from slashdot, like the author of the parent thread did.

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Not copied that I can see, at least not word for word, or really even in spirit. The comment on Slashdot had an entirely different feel to it than this one. And who knows, it could have been the same person there as here, and he just carried his own joke over in a different format.

Besides, there has to be more than one person who thought of a joke like that. We're not all twenty-something newbies who only know XP and beyond, you know.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, but who cares? If it was funny to you, laugh and go on.

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