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Internet & Networking Because OSNews is technically a site from the US, and because the technology industry is decidedly a US-centric industry, we often talk about US politics having adverse effects on technology - or, the other way around. That's why I've been detailing the political movements here in The Netherlands with regards to net neutrality. After a lot of positive news, I've now got some bad news - bad news that involves the largest political party trying to block net neutrality - because one of its members of parliament, Afke Schaart, is a former KPN employee. And yes, KPN is the carrier that first announced it was going to block and throttle traffic.
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You just switch to another provider.

There are only three providers. Two of them have implemented or are implementing this. The third one was thinking about it. There is no choice. Telecommunications is not a free market. It's too expensive to start in for that.

Stop thinking there's an ideal capitalist free market. It doesn't exist. It's a myth.

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I admit a lack of knowledge about Dutch politics, but I assume there are only 3 carriers less due to regulations and more due to the market only being able to support a small number of cell carriers in part due to the large start-up infrastructure costs of building a cell network. See:

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I'm sure there won't a free market in the Netherlands if its citizens don't desire it. That's a given.

Amen to the Market God.

If the Dutch wanted it, there would be a 4th provider. But bet that it is illegal to start your own telecom company in The Netherlands? Probably heavily regulated, eh?

If it's like in France, where it's easy to create a landline ISP and hard to create a mobile ISP, the reason is simple : the part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is used by mobile carriers is a limited resource. Free market only works well with resources which are in infinite supply.

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