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Internet & Networking Because OSNews is technically a site from the US, and because the technology industry is decidedly a US-centric industry, we often talk about US politics having adverse effects on technology - or, the other way around. That's why I've been detailing the political movements here in The Netherlands with regards to net neutrality. After a lot of positive news, I've now got some bad news - bad news that involves the largest political party trying to block net neutrality - because one of its members of parliament, Afke Schaart, is a former KPN employee. And yes, KPN is the carrier that first announced it was going to block and throttle traffic.
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"What would you say if your ISP had a corporate deal with Bing, and charged a premium for accessing Google?

So, I can either pay more to access Google in exchange for lower Internet access fees, or I can pay more for the Internet in order to save money accessing Google.

I like having choices like that. Don't you?

What you say would be ok in theory. The real world is another thing though.

That situation would allow the "big fish" to control everything as others have already commented in this thread.

My personal opinion (and the offical one in Spain) is that I'm paying for *bandwidth* and the ISP cannot know what I'm doing with that bandwidth as it is a communication and I'm protected by our constitution: privacy of the communications.

So were the ISP blocking some kind of traffic they would be violating my constitutional rights.

The sad thing is that some ISP are already doing this (like ONO or most of the cell providers) blocking p2p traffic.

I wish I had money to hire a lawyer and take them to justice...

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