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Internet & Networking "One researcher has decided he wants to make Skype open source by reverse engineering the protocol the service uses. In fact, he claims to have already achieved that reverse engineering feat on a new skype-open-source blog. The source code has been posted for versions 1.x/3.x/4.x of Skype as well as details of the rc4 layer arithmetic encoding the service uses."
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Whats the use, I didn't get it ?
by ramasubbu_sk on Sat 4th Jun 2011 00:06 UTC
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When SKYPE is already releasing the application almost all the platform, including Linux. Then why do we need the same app in open source, I didn't get it.
But I appreciate the hard work to reverse engineer.

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Alfman Member since:

The linux version is buggy (although to be fair, so is the windows version). It needs some hacked libraries to support my webcam, I'm not sure why since other apps work fine. The streaming video shows up in a tiny window.

These are a few things I'd be able to fix if source were provided.

Plus you could do some innovative things by hooking it up into asterisk.

So, it's not without merit.

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hakossem Member since:

Skype is developed for a limited number of platform: windows, mac, linux, android, ios, wm7. some other platform had their support removed wm6 and many others don't have support *BSD, Sparc, Haiku, ...
Not all platform are equally developed, some are left far behind (Linux).

Having an open source Skype will give the possibility to put skype everywhere. Also it will give access to the full access to the protocol, with its full possibilities, not just what Skype/Yahoo/Microsoft want to give to the users.

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Because Skype for Linux is not really maintained, crashes a lot, 32bit Intel only, does strange and annoying things to amarok and is yet another app that needs to run in the background. I want a kopete plugin that you can compile for any platform, is stable and does not interfere with amarok at all! If it's open source and there is no one else that does it, I could maintain it. Maintain. Not reverse engineer the protocol and such.

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bitwelder Member since:

I see at least two advantages:
1) By knowing Skype algorithm, it is possible to assess how secure is its protocol.
2) Skype binaries available on Linux means available on Linux for i386 CPUs, mostly. Having a functionally equivalent source code it would make possible to have Skype on (potentially) all architectures that are used with microcontrollers and various portable devices.

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WereCatf Member since:

When SKYPE is already releasing the application almost all the platform, including Linux. Then why do we need the same app in open source, I didn't get it.
But I appreciate the hard work to reverse engineer.

Something the other commenters didn't mention: now that Microsoft has bought Skype it's very likely that support for most -- if not all -- other OSes will be dropped completely. Atleast Linux support will be dropped like a hot potato, you can bet your ass on that.

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Skype on linux is very buggy, I've heard that Skype on Mac wasn't very good either (people frequently complain about its UI), and with Microsoft on top you can bet that this is not going to change.

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Even if a company does a good job of maintaining a good program for all platforms, which Skype only does partially, do you want to have a single point of failure?

If the Amiga had been open sourced, its resurrection wouldn't be a novelty story here.

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laffer1 Member since:

It's not available for all platforms and there is fear when Microsoft takes over it won't be supported on Linux. Consider, BSD, Solaris, Haiku, ... even Linux on non x86 platforms.

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Young man, let's think business. Imagine you and I build a great car, most advanced in the world, and three people have bought it.

Do you believe then, that parts manufacturers must build and stock parts for our car?

Not on your lifetime! Mentioning other OS's like BSD, Haiku (are you in a dream?) is showing some of you people total lack of reality.
Yes, it sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Take some business classes. It will help your life quite a bit later on.

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