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Internet & Networking Since it's weekend, let's start with some good news we can all be happy about. The United Nations has declared internet access a human right, and has called upon all nations to not instate any laws that have the power to cut people off the internet, with France and the UK being singled out because they passed three strikes laws.
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I did my master's thesis in Africa in a place where there was no Internet access. I had full blown withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, inability to sleep, etc. After about two weeks there though, the symptoms went away. So yes, I think Internet addiction is a real addiction.

I was actually working on a software development project over there. And even though I started programming before the Internet, I find it difficult to imagine how we as programmers survived before the Internet. Back when the only reference material we had available was whatever books we had in printed form. If something wasn't working, we couldn't research it online, etc. It was definitely a retro moment, in addition to causing withdrawal.

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not completly true, in the old days there was BBS's, usenet etc...

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Not for everyone...

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